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  1. Today is your birthday?

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    2. Tattered


      Have skype or discord?

    3. Naenia


      am not using these :< just fb

    4. Tattered


      Happy birthday! Glad you reach admin pos, 've known you since you were only regular player using creator.

  2. First Name - Jaco Ingame Name - Tattered Zac / Zac / Divine Intervention Facebook Name - Jaco Ahmad Prasetya Age - 23 Mother language - Indonesia, English English knowledge - Mid - Advanced Years of XileRO Experience - 6 Years Time playing XileRO OS - less than 2 months (With more experience on XileRO PK with more than 3 years) Other abilities - Scripting, Javascript, Web Development, UX/UI Design Why do you want to become GM - I want become a GM, since I've been loving the server without knowing how to help it grow till I found this thread from facebook. I have the ability to create such entertaining long-term events or quest. I did a gameplay quest-ish development back then with rAthena developers, I was an Admin of a PS Ragnarok server for a year. Since I lost the capability of time to script, GM will be such an awesome position.
  3. <p><p>Add me man lol, Marcus THELEGEND is my ign.</p></p>

  4. <p><p>Actually I play league of lesbians now HAHA</p></p>

  5. Why would you say something so absurd baby girl :>

  6. oi, leave league of lesbians and play doto.

  7. !!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?????

  8. haha nooooooooob

  9. Noob, don't sell BES to NPC.

  10. I cant find you anywhere :\ I'm using Crystal Clear atm

  11. ofc I missed you!

    you missed me too uhm? I'm sure you're downloading it just to see me again mwahahah,I'm waiting u! :3

  12. "and you gone again ;-;" you miss me, I know it. Hahaha anyway I'm currently downloading the mini client.

  13. and you gone again ;-;