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  1. Thank you for the help!

  2. you are Jeffri now.

  3. Thanks for the help, Naenia. Appreciate it.

  4. I already sent it to Remiel,let's wait.

  5. Is there an update for my friend's forum account? Thanks!

  6. Woah that's awesome. I'll watch that whenever my internet connection will be back at home. These spiders are really something. :D

  7. See the episode 97.

    Feitan on rage, Rising Sun rules! LMAO


    Feitan is the most voted member phantom troupe. Number 2 is Machi :D

  8. Yeaah, I'm not yet see all the Crazy Slot :(

    The number 2 overpower :D


    Hmm yah, as far as I remember, Kite already dead and the brain was devoured by Queen. You remember when Colt get a little baby from Queen on last moment before she die? Nah, that's Meruem younger twin sister has Kite memories :D

  9. Yea, I'm currently watching the HxH 2011. Will watch the new episode this coming weekend. Poor Kite, he died very fast, wasn't expecting it though. But I guess he's resurrected huh? :)

  10. :D


    Hunter x Hunter 2011 more better, more aniimeeee :P


    15 September release episode 96, Gen Eryodan vs Zazan Army :D

  11. Heyyy! That's Kiteeeeeeeee, awesome! Haha. I'm a fan of HxH. :D

  12. Yoow Jefff ...

    Look my signature, that's a part of opening HxH :D


    I just realize you use in game name Kite, Mereum and Neferpitou :D

  13. whats your IGN ? i gonna buy your +10Grand Sets

  14. Hi Lino, IGN is Mossimo. Here's the link of the raffle.

  15. Don't have enough VB right now bro...., I'll PM you if I get it.