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  1. Welcome back dude! Have fun, but remember there is a life out there aswell
  2. Yo :P How are you? Still live in Ankara and study? 

  3. It's good to hear from you man. I moved to Istanbul from Antalya at last May and i've been living & working eversince i got here. I got PS4 and spending my free days with that shit most of the times. No social life, no GF etc. Just me, my work and PS4 thats all, lmao. Text me up whenever you want to chat via FB or whatsapp.

  4. Yo yo yo!


    Wasup Alex? Long time no see :)


    As you read this and might wonder how I'm, well here's what happend lately.


    Got a work for the summer at the local Gas Station, also been doing some IT Repairs in the Main Town of the City. Rarely get on here, unless I'll check out whats new and try to catch up with all pals (like you for example). Been playing alot of MTG( Magic: The Gathering ), Diablo 3:Reaper of Souls and Counter Stike: Global Offensive. Just got my hands on one of the Best items in game in D3(Well, Best in Ladder EU) If we still had the Real Money Auction House I've would gained around £450-500 for it.


    Trying to survive my simple life in the cold Sweden with my $420/month. I'll hope to catch up more with you someday.


    PS. I still got your number, so might text you someday :D

  5. Truth to be told, not going at all. I haven't been playing LoL since 2 months because of my heavy workload mang. How have you been btw?

  6. How is it going with EUW?

  7. Got stuff to sell?

  8. Sup fag! I't's been so long since we spoke, get on skype someday and let's talk some :D

  9. Please check out the mail I'll sent you here at forums -.-

  10. Idiot? HAHAH, I would pay with my life anyday for my country.

  11. I am trying to be okay, Carl. It is also good for me to hear anything from you. As for my school, i am done with that shit. I dedicated myself to my work, lmao. And good luck to you with that school stuff. And, don't be an idiot and don't join to the ****ing army. :D

  12. Sup hoe!


    How are you and how is school going?

    Right now I'm doing some school stuffs and trying to get a work. I'll also might join the army soon, atleast I wish they will take me in. Love Carl

  13. It's okay! Just catch me up whenever you got time :D