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  1. wow, i have been lost for too long i guess :D

  2. busiest as ever. how bout ya? did u skip ur dinner? :)

  3. How's college going? D:

  4. *lurking around*

  5. come on~ make a fb acc ;'(

  6. No i don't have FB just msn,ym,skype :P

  7. forgot that i'm using new msn~~ x3 will add u later~ oh, do u have a fb? x3

  8. pretty good and you? :P

  9. uuuunnnnclllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! how are u? uuuuuu U.U

  10. Heya still remember me? :P

  11. haha~ take it easy~ i'm just kidding~ no hard feelings~

  12. after this don't make a goodbye threads~ just stay and play~ lol~~

  13. what's news?

  14. im good thank you.

  15. your siggy words alike mine words =p

    how are you?