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  1. Cherry where are you O.o

  2. Lmaoo

    Gogogo online your FB again Chewwy :D

  3. aweaweawe i dont have fb papa zar :P good luck there ^^

  4. open ur fb shit bish i will be wait u there

  5. Cherry. You deactive your FB account?

  6. muhahahaha u love uuu Fice. here gay hahahahahaahahahahah

  7. Okey, I'll add 100 clover ;)

  8. Wow 100 jellopy !? of course no one know when it will be usefull :)

  9. Hello Cherry, thank youu :D


    100 Jellopy you want? :D

  10. Congratz my IS. boss !!! give me items please xD

  11. Here is "como decimos aqui la vieja ines xd" and who is there ?

  12. hello preserve ur fft to me plox =D

  13. happy birthday mate... wish you all the best in game and IRL