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    DRAGON INVASION EVENT The world of Humans is on the verge of destruction as Dragons plans to invade the Midgard. King Tristan Gaebold III (Age of Gods) received an information from a scout that the King of Dragons have awoken from sleep and declared a war to Humans. Humans deliberately attack and kill the dragons for power, and leave them no choice but to revolt in order to survive and save their race. Dragons will invade a City where humans learns magic skills, The City of Magic. King Tristan seeks aid from the brave warriors and hunters to defend the City and chase out the Dragons. Ironically, the City of Magic is protected from all the magic users hence only physical attacks is the only way to kill the Dragons. Kill them and collect the Scale of Fire Dragon as proof of being a dragon slayer. Find the King of Dragons and get special loots. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When: February 25, 2018, Sunday, 8:30 Server Time. Where: City of Magic Who: Non-magic jobs (Physical Attack Only) i.e. Snipers, Assassins, Lord Knights, Paladins, etc. One lucky winner will have the chance to get special rewards which is part of a certain quest. Note: It is recommended to come on time and pay attention to the story line that will be broadcast during the event. There will be some clues and magic words needed to complete and win the event. Good Luck and Have Fun~~