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    To my babies, I wanted to let you know that I am leaving my position. I sincerely appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you and have enjoyed my time as one of the XileRO OS staff. Thank you for the support, guidance, and encouragement you have provided me during my time. Even though I will miss my daily online broadcast greetings, events and those long night heart to heart talks with all the people who truly appreciate me and also to those not. I am pretty sure that we have enough staff to cover and answer all your questions. Please be guided that my approach are not the same as them. Don't compare. Let's avoid that as I always say. Nothing to worry because they are all friendly. Believe me. I will always be around. Just like everyone else. A normal humble player. I'll see you you all in game. Love you guys x
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    RULES!! 1. ONE NUMBER FOR EACH FORUM ACCOUNT ONLY! (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHEAT!) 2. YOU CANNOT EDIT / DELETE ONCE YOU'VE ALREADY PICKED. (CHOOSE YOUR DESIRED NUMBERS WISELY BEFORE CREATING A POST!) 3. YOU CANNOT POST FOR A FRIEND. (TELL YOUR FRIEND TO CREATE HIS/HER OWN FORUM ACCOUNT SO THAT THEY CAN JOIN AS WELL) 4. NO UNRELATED POSTS. (THIS THREAD IS NOT IN THE GENERAL CHAT, SO PLEASE POST ONLY THREAD RELATED MATTERS) 5. MAKE SURE TO PUT UR IGN (IN GAME NAME) IN YOUR POST. (IN CASE YOU WON THE EVENT, IT WOULD BE EASIER TO FIND YOU IN GAME.) How does it work ? All you need to do is to make a 5 digit combination from numbers 1-5 only. (For example: 21345) The lucky winner who gets the right combination will be given 20 vbs while the first poster in this forum will be given 100M zeny. If no one gets the right combination within the week, there would be a 5vbs increase in the jack pot each week! I'll be choosing a random combination once using random.org Take note: If someone gets it right after weeks passed with the total jackpot, the jackpot will reset to 20vbs in the next week. and the first poster need to say the words "FIRST" to claim the 100M money Goodluck! If 2 Person guessed the number right, the prize will be distributed Current Jackpot : 30 Victory Badges TLDR: First poster = 100m but must say FIRST Guess Number (1-5) 5 numbers , example : 12345 No winner = next week +5vb Thread will be closed on : 21 Aug 2017 , 11:00 pm GMT +7 The five numbers will be generated in https://www.random.org/integers/ Here are the Examples : GLHF! WINNERS : bandicam 2017-08-22 16-33-32-835.avi First Poster - VonGusano JackPot winner : no body again Prize Pool before : 30 Victory Badges Prize Pool after : 35 victory badges
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