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  2. For any in game support, contact me through facebook:

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  6. Hoping all is well with you! I get such crazy nostalgia every time I breeze over these forums. 

    1. Naenia


      omfg, long time no seee! You should come in game, I'd love to meet ya there

    2. Reptar


      If you end up hopping on today there’s a chance I might be there! Lol I can’t lie and say I don’t crave the gameplay at times, I played this thang for like 12 years haha

  7. Damn, how did i find my way back here. I'm a little sad now, great times.
  8. Hi does anyone remembers me? If you do can you DM/PM me. I think ill play xilero again. PS: If you remember me, Hook me up plox. Thanks~
  9. Hi, I'm a returning player, playing since LKH with golden head gear with evil wing ears are hype, from there you'll know how old I am playing with this server. where Alpha Omega wings are worth 20vb up. yeah VBs are the greatest currency during that time, so there. IGN: Baifeng
  10. Hi there, my character is stucked but I dont know where exactly. It looks like Prontera IGN: ~TeleTubbies
  11. 1. Remove Manhole from WoE -This skill has no counter play and makes WoE very boring and not engaging. WoE should be full of fun and excitement, but 20 Shadow Chasers spamming manhole is not fun for attackers, or defenders. 2. Reduce the effect time of Manhole -If Manhole is not removed, please reduce the amount of time people are trapped by it. I would suggest half the current time. 3. Increase Hallowtick availability -I have been playing for hours every day since the release of the hallowticks, and I have only managed to collect 51. The only way to collect these in any reasonable number is to have an Aegis set with Nocturn set in order to complete the Halloween quests. -The treasure box/event mob that is spawned in a random town every 30 minutes should drop 5 Hallowticks instead of 1. - The scheduled events such as dice event..etc should all drop 10 hallowticks
  12. Is it possible to nerf the MVP on these quests? The only players that can kill them are players with Nocturne set. Even an aegis account can't harm the MVP.
  13. Does the sword have Demi Human Damage?
  14. Glad to see this update! Good luck to everyone getting quest points for the Aegis sets!
  15. Nice update! Thank you <3
  16. • 15th. Anniversary Arena - XileRO has turned 15 years old! and to celebrate, we've brought the Anniversary Arena! Here you fight one of these MVPS to collect 15th. Anniversary Tickets. Each Mvp gives a different ticket You can use those tickets to exchange for 15th Anniversary Weapons and costumes! The Exchanger NPC is at the same map of the Arena's entrance. To get in this map, you must warp to prontera 147 174 and talk to 15th. Anniversary Arena NPC. - Exchanger NPCs also asks for halloween tickets, those are obtainable upon completing any halloween quest or winning automated events. • Prontera Halloween Theme and Halloween Quests - Missed halloween Quests? they're back, with greater prizes! You can check for guides and reward list here. - New Halloween Daily Quest, guide is available here. • @resethatred - Resets your Star Gladiator hatred skill, you should reload after this command is triggered to have effect. - Delay of 60 minutes after this command is used. • New costumes added, you can view the list here. • New classic Woe Added, for 3rd jobs + classic items - Woes will be during saturday and sundays, 2 hours after the previously prontera Woe, but this schedule is subject for changes - This new woe session will start on October 26 - 27 • New Appearence for Holy Element Ring • Rewrite Battleground prizes npc • Description added for newer Aegis • Green Iris costume and Elemental Set Costumes added at Costume NPC • Top 3 Quest Players - During this anniversary period, players wil have a chance of earning a full Aegis set for free! How? Just by playing Quest. The players who complete the Main Halloween Quest [Lude NPC] more times, will be getting great rewards. I'll be picking the 3 winners by the last day of halloween Quest/ 15th anniv. event, on November 13. 1st place: 1 Newer Aegis Set 1 15th Anniversary Weapon 1 Aegis Shield / Armor / Ring / Element Ring / Boot / Manteau 1 Shadow Helios Set or Reiwa Set 30000 GS 2nd place: 1 Older Aegis Set 1 Aegis Shield / Armor / 2 Rings / Boot / Manteau 1 Aegis Weapon 1 Nocturn Set 15000 GS 3rd place: 1 Older Aegis Set Mythic Set 1 Aegis Weapon 10000 Gold Seals - Your point is added individually per character upon completing the quest - @mypoints shows how many points you got, it'll show as 'Seasonal Points'. To view the top 3, go to prontera 163 200. • Op Skills are going to be reworked and weak skills are going to be boosts in the following days, we'll post all details in changelog NPC in game and here. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Updated as of Oct. 18: • 15th Arena: Now the arenas has the same restriction as battleground [2nd job and classic items] - mvps have been nerfed accordingly - Arena Rewards have been increased to x5 • New healing item that works only at anniversary arenas added, "Angeling Potion", dropped by Baphomet Jr at prt_maze01 • Hera Daily quest now gives 25pcs of each ticket • Almost all auto events are giving halloween tickets as extra or main rewards • Fixed @resethatred • Removed monster 'Tantalus" from arenas and halloween quest maps due to causing error to player when /sound is enable • Automated events starts automatically again without the ned of gms, npc near weapon repair house at prontera give event schedules • 2 New quests added at mission board which grant items to tame the rare monster "Scatleton" at niflheim and Hellbound at helheim's field • 15th weapons are tradeable again, also fixed spear and scepter error which couldn't be equipped by proper jobs. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Updated as of Oct. 22: • The item "Angeling Potion" has been added to monster Wooden Golem at um_dun01 and um_dun02. • For players having problems with Bone Wings costume, here is the file to fix it: Download! - Once Downloaded, extract by using Winrar and paste the data folder into your RO folder. This file also includes the addition of 15th weapons status into weapon's description. • Replaced monster "Harmor" at hera's quest due to giving error to players.
  17. All these costumes are available at Halloween Quests! Bone Wings Dragula Wings Bandage Scarf Bat Rucksack Hades Mantle Blessing Sky Lanterns Baby Panda Zhu Wig Smiling Eyes Snacky Party Turkey Hat Diablo Backpack Durumagi Dante Wings Garden of Eden Hat Rose Eyepatch Exorcist Knight Mantle Jakk Miniature Master Cat Mask Phantom of Masquerade Protection of Darkness Pumpking Ring Violet Sparkly Dance White Wolf Mask Back Shuriken Nebula The Cat Thanatos Sword Thor Hammer Divine Eternia Energy Human Bunny Wig Bicolor Cat Witch Hat Disguise Mantle Halloween Cat Wig 1 Halloween Cat Wig 2 Rabbit Winged Robe Evil Kitty Headset Lunatic Faimlly Balloons
  18. These unique weapons are obtained through the 15th Anniversary Arena, you must collect Anniversary Tickets, Halloween Tickets and Gold Seals to exchange by them. Those weapons, unlike Aegis or royal weapon has no "charge" feature, let's say that they're always at 100% of its power. One interesting thing about these weapons is that they all are 1 handed weapons! Including Katars and Gunsliger weapons. They also gives an additional of 5% defense and demi human offensive and elemental defense for non premium accounts. ---------------------------- Judgement Sword Str + 140 Agi + 145 Vit + 120 Int + 120 Dex + 120 Luk + 120 ---------------------------- Diabolic Diamond Scepter Int + 140 Dex + 62 Extra Magic Damage +18% Magic Atack Rate + 45% Demi Human Damage + 25% Ignore Mdef rate by 6% Weapon Magic Atack + 140 ---------------------------- Seraphic Lance Str + 130 Vit + 50 Luk + 50 Demi Human Damage + 30% --------------------------------------------- Seraphic Bow Str + 25 Agi + 25 Int + 25 Vit + 25 Dex + 115 Luk + 25 Demi Human Damage + 20% Magic defense +80% --------------------------------------------- Pernumbral Fist Str + 155 Aspd Rate + 100 Luk + 30 Vit + 45 Int + 45 Demi Human Damage + 30% --------------------------------------------- Fierce Kitty Claws Str + 180 Agi + 75 Vit + 40 Int + 40 Dex + 40 Luk + 40 Demi Human Damage +30% --------------------------------------------- Netherworld Rifle Str + 25 Agi + 25 Vit + 25 Int + 25 Dex + 115 Luk + 25 Magic Defense + 80% Demi Human Damage +30% --------------------------------------------- Dawn Shotgun Str + 25 Agi + 25 Vit + 25 Int + 25 Dex + 115 Luk + 25 Magic Defense + 80% Demi Human Damage +30% --------------------------------------------- Blitz Pistols Str + 25 Agi + 25 Vit + 25 Int + 25 Dex + 115 Luk + 25 Magic Defense + 80% Demi Human Damage +30% --------------------------------------------- Blazing Machine Gun Str + 25 Agi + 25 Vit + 25 Int + 25 Dex + 115 Luk + 25 Magic Defense + 80% Demi Human Damage +30% --------------------------------------------- Void Crystal Shuriken Str + 20 Agi + 20 Vit + 20 Int + 100 Dex + 20 Luk + 20 Demi Human Damage +30% --------------------------------------------- Nightmare Scythe All status + 20 Str + 120 Vit + 115 Demi Human Damage +20% --------------------------------------------- Moonlight Violin Int + 60 Vit + 43 Dex + 120 Demi Human Damage +30% --------------------------------------------- Moonlight Whip Int + 60 Vit + 43 Dex + 120 Demi Human Damage +30% --------------------------------------------- Abyssal Axe Aspdrate +80 Str +150 Vit +50 Demi Human Damage +30% TOMAHAWK Skill
  19. 1. To start this quest, you must be able to access Helheim through the main halloween quest [start by talking to Lude NPC, wandering around prontera's center] After you have the 'baptism', go to Talking Bat at prontera. 2. Look for Talking Bat at helheim field 03, it's at the same map where you'll find the soul eating monster. 3. You'll be teleported to a newer field of Helheim, talk to the bat again. 4. Go to the huge buiding at the top of the hill and talk to the bat again 5. Now you have to defeat the Zombie Dragon that lurks in this map 6. After defeating it, go back to that building and talk to the bat again, and then click in entrance's portal. 7. Now that you're inside, talk to the bat again, he'll ask you to search for 3 materials in that map, they're well hidden! One of the materials is at the shelf, second material is in the barrels, and the last one is inside of a blue chest. 8. After you collected the materials, talk to the bat again and you'll be warped to the next map "Hera's Path" 9. All you have to do here is walk through the LONG corritor and avoid being killed until you reach the portal 10. After you pass that map, you'll get into one that looks like nif_fild01. In this map you'll have to pass through the monsters in time, without them notice you're on disguise. You have around 50+ seconds to pass through them all and get in the portal to the east of the map. You'll find some monsters around the map, if your timing is over, they'll detect you and kill you, and you have to start this step all over again. Talk to the bat first to disguise you and run! Also, avoid the mutant looking monster in one of the paths, he detects your disguise even if you pass through it in time! (in screenshot it says 30 seconds, but it was updated to around 53 recently) 11. Now you're inside Hera's castle, this map is quite small, just walk north until you get to the end of the corritor 12. at the end of corritor, click on mysterious artifact 13. Here you have to solve the puzzle, by clicking the floating light of the map in the right sequence. To make this step easier, find a spot around the middle of the map where you can see all the floating lights, and then start clicking them in the correct sequence. You have a few seconds to complete the sequence, if you're slow, you have to start all over again. The sequence is at the bottom of the screenshot. Follow the sequence : Northeast - Southwest - North - Southeast - Northwest - South After you're done, click in that orb npc at the middle of the map 14. You'll be teleported to another ritual room where Hera and a bunch of mobs are waiting for you, kill Hera and get your reward! Rewards: 15x 15th Gold Anniv. Ticket 15x 15th Silver 15x 15th Copper 15x 2k19 Halloween Tickets 1x Haunted Gem [ This gem is also obtained from main Halloween quest]
  20. This still a thing?

  21. I also have same problem can somebody help me? I reset my account password but it didnt help
  22. It is!
  23. Is this promotion still available?
  24. Sell : +10 iris set Sell : +10 omni set Sell : +10 sekhmet set Sell : +10 guardian angel set Sell : +10 helios wing Leave your offer thank you
  25. pm me ur username, charname and email, all that 3 requirement must match with the system so we can recover ur password, if one of them is incorrect, we cant help u
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