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  2. Hi everyone.. new here still trying to understand everything here.. special quest.. but i hope i can found tutorials/guide.. nice to meet you all
  3. I can help you try and recover your accounts, pm me on facebook "Gaige Swanson".
  4. Links has been updated Changelogs (April 30):- XileRO folder pre updated as of April 30 and compatible with latest APK. - Effects does work for android version now. - /commands enabled. - Fixed unclickable flags issue.
  5. I have 2 prob : 1 it crashes and 2 i cant enter anymore Record_2021-04-26-23-53-29_305e8bdbe4c7435791fcc4b5d13c8ed2.mp4
  6. O cant play.. huhu.. it always says.. its my first time
  7. Miss you guys.
  8. 1. Start the quest at prontera 150 175 Talk to Easter Event 3. Select Start Hunting and select one of the 5 options Once you select the option, the npc will tell you where you should go (it's marked in blue) Go to the selected map and hunt for these easter eggs! You must destroy 50 to redeem your reward. (If you start hunting without activate the hunt through the event NPC, your countings won't be recorded!) 4. When you achieve to collect 50 eggs, you must go to mjolnir_04 165 196 to receive a reward! List of Rewards / Hunting maps: The ones marked in red has 15% drop chance - - - Easter Egg 1 - - - pay_fild07 Shadow Helios Wings Shadow Helios Aura Shadow Helios Crown 16th Anniversary Katar Water Dragon Aura Sun Blaze Aura Water Saber Blazing Phoenix Lava Demon Wings Lava Demon Helm - - - Easter Egg 2 - - - gon_fild01 Furious Earth Aura 16th. Anniversary Sword Gaster Card Devil Slayer Cape MvP Tag Nut Cracker Blue Cat Witch Hat Monk Girl Wind Shard - - - Easter Egg 3 - - - prt_fild02 Glare Katar Aegis Rings 16th. Anniversary Bow Shadow Flame Aura Magic Heir Water Saber Globe Aquamarine Hanano Jutsu Devil Blade - - - Easter Egg 4 - - - pay_fild01 Brinanarea Card 16th. Anniversary Lance Glare Assaulter Foxy Tail Frostmourne Sword Dual Thoeny Sword Legendary Ice Sword Poring Balloon Hat - - - Easter Egg 5 - - - mjolnir_10 Sanare Card 16th. Anniversary Book Juggernault Mask Nocturn Helios Crown Nocturn Helios Wings Nocturn Helios Aura Duke Cape 9 Tails Aura
  9. At least I'm not the only old man who lurks here every now and then.
  10. Imagine this old guy still posting here and lurking around. Forum looks dead, as intended. All the new kids running discord and apps I bet. Not many returns from this era, so I thought I'd stop by. Everything looks new again, but that old motto with the donations still hasn't died, huh? You guys are crazy. It's been waaay too long to let this ride this long. Just stopping by to say kudos, and maybe see if I can recover any of my accounts. Fingers crossed 2005-7 database still exists. Imagine that.
  11. I know my user and the email i use aswell as the chracter . Do you have a link for recovery or it has to be done manually since i stopped playing for 6 years. And my donation of 2k usd is still under that account. Or should O try to email jon however his always busy....
  12. 16th. Anniversary Arena -------------------- Here's the list of weapons available from our yearly anniversary arena. You can exchange your 16th Anniv. Tokens by them. To earn Anniv Tokens, you must play anniv. arena at prontera 155 177 From Round 1 - 10, you earn total 211 Silver Anniv. Tokens From Round 11 - 20, you earn total 162 Gold Anniv. Tokens21 -------------------- Noctis Crystal Sword All status +120 Agi +25 Str +35 Demi Human DMG +25% Available for: Swordman+, Merchant+, Thief+ ---------- Scarlet War Bow Mdef +80 Dex +120 All status +35 Demi Human DMG +28% Available for: Archer+, Stalker+ ---------- Noctis Fierce Lance Str +160 Vit +80 Luk +70 Demi Human DMG +35% Available for: Swordman+ ---------- Shimmering Ice Staff Weapon Matk +160 Ignore Def Rate +9% Magic DMG Addition +24% Int +160 Dex +85 Matk Rate +53 Ignore Mdef +5% Demi Human DMG +34% Available for: Mage+ ---------- Uriel Axe Str+ 170 Vit +90 Int +110 All status +30 Aspd Rate +80 Demi Human DMG +30% Throw Tomahawk Skill Available for: Merchant+ ---------- Book of Destiny If equipped by Star Gladiator: Str+ 170 Vit+ 120 Int+ 70 All status +30 Demi Human DMG +22% - If equipped by Professor+ and Priest: Weapon Matk +160 Ignore Def Rate +9% Magic DMG Addition +24% Int+ 160 Dex +85 Matk Rate +53 Ignore Target's mdef +5 Demi Human DMG +34% Available for: Professor+, Star Gladiator and Priest+ ---------- Noctis Crystal Shuriken Int+ 30 Str+ 100 mdef+ 80 Dex+ 80 Vit+ 80 Demi Human DMG +35% All status +40 Available for: Ninja ---------- Ornament Silver Pistol Mdef+ 90 Dex+ 120 All status+ 50 Demi Human DMG+ 35% Vit+ 60 Available for: Gunsliger ---------- Asura Fist Str+ 170 Delay Rate -20 Aspd Rate +100 Dex+ 100 Luk+ 50 Vit+ 50 Int+ 60 Demi Human DMG+ 34% Available for: Monk+ ---------- Legendary Dragon Katar [1-Handed] All status+ 50 Str+ 160 Agi+ 40 Demi Human DMG+ 35% Available for: Assassin+ ---------- Sonata Guitar [No Img] Int+ 90 Vit+ 60 Dex+ 170 Demi Human DMG+ 35% Available for: Bard+ ---------- Uriel's Whip [No Img] Int+ 90 Vit+ 60 Dex+ 170 Demi Human DMG+ 35% Available for: Dancer+ ---------- Phoenix Red Sword [2-Handed] - [No Img] All status +150 Agi +80 Str+ 200 Dex +90 Demi Human DMG +40% Long and Near def +5% Available for: Swordman+
  13. Items marked in RED are considered rare rewards! The chance of obtaining them from Daily or main quest are of 5%. 9 Tails White Saiyan Aura Gluttony Capoo Ice Splash Aura Glare Katar Bonus status when equipped by assassin+ classes: Str +40 Dex +40 Breaker DMG +2% Skill delay rate -5 Demi Human Def and Def Piercing +1% Poison Resistance +5 Earth Resistance -5 Rainbow Spell Aura Pink Hat Monk Girl MvP Tag Red Saint Ribbon Thunder God Aura Cygnus Helm Vengeance Sword Scythe Jester Aura Ice Sword Aura Winter Wizard Coat Sunglasses Bear Cap Bear Ear Muffler Poring Balloon Hat Commemorative Devilings White Coat Frostourne Sword Dual Thorn Sword Unicorn Ornament Marin Muffler Ice Chakra Nut Cracker Legendary Ice Sword Winter Cat Witch Hat Moving Fox Tails White Marching Hat Blue Cupid Scarf Snowman Balloon Uk Hat Exclamation Pooh Mask Dropping Knight Penguin Interrogation Female Vip Hair Hunter's Dinner Wind Shard Male Vip Hair Pets Angry Penguin Raver Skeleton King Penguin Kronos Cappoo Mystic Peco Penguin Winter Crab Ice Cubering Duckling Crystal Apocalypse
  14. Xmas Daily Quest 1. Start the daily quest at go 7, go down and you'll see Santa claus near his sledge, talk to him and offer for help 2. Now you have to look for his lost presents (30 pcs) that fell from his sledge, at xmas_fild01 3. Go back to him, select "I got them all" Now you haveto help him finding his reindeers at ice_field You'll receive 1x Magic Moss (Taming item) to capture 8 reindeers. 4. When you get 8 Reindeer Pet Eggs, go back to Santa and deliever to him (Magic Moss must be in your iventory when you give him the reindeers) 5. Santa will take you to his sledge and ask for one more favor You have to delivery deliever those 30 presents you found on xmas_fild01 to prontera 6. You'll receive a temporary Santa suit and santa fake hat (lasts 3 hours) He asks you to wear both items before you start setting gifts infront prontera's house. When you're at prontera again, talk to santa, wear the items and start the task 7. When you're done, go back to santa claus, he'll thank you but before dialogue ends, louis appears and says that izlude is being attacked by goblins, you'll be taken to izlude to defeat them. Defeat 500x Goblins. 8. When all goblins are defeated, Dark antonio will drag you to his place to defeat you because you're ruining his plans! Defeat:Dark Antonio Rewards: You have a chance to obtain: 1 of the newest costumes of this season 1 Rare pet 1 Xmas Sock [2020] - Use socks to hang on Christmas tree (izlude or Lutie). After hanging the sock, go back to the tree within 3 hours and Santa's gift will be there! Note: Rank Point and shadow element point are not included in this quest View here the list of costumes and pets of this season
  15. Seasonal Xmas Quest 1. Start up at the black portal, in the left side of Prontera's warp point. Select Beginning 2. Talk to Himel to conclude the dialogue from the past seasonal quest and activate the new one, then you'll be warped back to Prontera 3. Head to castle of Prontera, but before reaching the castle, talk to Meckiel, then go to the castle. 4. Talk to the King, you'll be warped to another room, talk to him again and now you have to look for the White Knight around Prontera. 5. Although the white knight npc walks in Prontera, you will usually find the npc in south-east part of the city. Start looking around prontera 230 98. White Knight will play along with you in this quest! But there's a time limit he'll stick with you, so if it disappear, you can simply relog or die, and take the quest warper again, so the Knight will appear again. 6. Now you're in a field, you have to lookup for the portal that leads to glacier fields. The portal is located at the south-east part of the map (Just head east's edge then go down, you'll find a black portal there) 7. Now you're in the first snowy fields! Cross the bridges and pass through map until you reach this part: You'll see 5 colored light pilars and a locked portal. Here you have to select the correct colors in order, if you fail, you have to start all over again. Correct sequence: Black - White - Blue - Red - White - Yellow - Red - Black - Blue - White - Black - Black - Red - White - Yellow - Blue - Black - White Once you complete this puzzle, the portal will be unlocked and you'll be able to reach the next area. 8. Now you're on the second part of Glacier fields, go right and talk to Warren. then Go left, down and follow the track until you find the coal mines. 9. Inside coal mines, you have to kill 1 Dark Maya and 500 Raver Skeletons, once you done, leave mines and talk to Warren again, he'll unlock the portal and you'll be able to reach next field. Defeat x1: Defeat x500: 10. Look for Jano, he's right to the stairs portal (right side), and you'll get authorization to enter their base. 11. Head north, talk to the knight guarding the entrance, you'll be warped in, then look for Leufer 12. Now you have to head back to coal mines to pick some coals, there are 10 coal spots in that map, you have to find all of them! 13. Once you get the coals, go back to Leufer to deliever to him, now the portal is unlocked! leave the base and head east 14. Now you're close to Kronos Altar, however you need to destroy some ice crystals in order to get in the place where Kronos is. Destroy: 500x 15. Defeat Kronos 16. You'll be warped to another area of Glacier fields, in a small island. 17. Pick the board to cross the river, head east, and look for the portal 18. In this area, you have to kill 700 Angry Penguins and 1 King Penguin. The portal that leads to the next area is on northwest part of the map. Defeat: 500x Defeat: 1x 19. Once you done with hunting, you'll reach Thermis, head north to Ice Queen's castle. 20. Enter castle, talk to her and defeat her! Boss: Ice Queen Rewards: • Upon completing the quest, you get 1 Season quest points, which enables you to participate the top 3 players of the season. • You get +1 point to enhance your Shadow Element Aura • The rewards comes randomly, you have a chance to obtain one of the latest costumes of this season, or a 16th Anniv. Weapon, or a rare pet egg! View here the list of costumes and pets of this season
  16. Hi, Clone PVP events started long back that time GS was very rare so final prize after killing 42 nos, of clone was +20. As game upgrade with other events prize in GS (such as Dice 45GS, Zombie 75GS, etc) but Clone PVP has same prize but its still has same difficulties not easy to complete 42 for Pset holder and below. Suggestion 1) Increase final prize to +200 2) Each level crossing 1GS, every 10 level cross bonus of +10 GS So players can participate for getting good amount of GS.
  17. Hi, We have different types of events which is auto pop in certain intervals. The timing and actually current active events does not match with the "Event Scheduler" information point. Suggestions - 1) Event Scheduler Information need to be updated regularly. At present not matching. 2) Shift the location to nearer to Starter pack npc so new comerer can easily find events timing. 3) Some events required minimum 2 players....but some does not..make the same for all..If 1 player "IN" start the events give benefits to "online players" who participate. 4) Make monthly ranking for these individual events with minimum score points for eligible ( as eg. maze run happens 4 times in day means 30*4=120 times in month so eligible criteria minimum 10 wins) and give attractive prize for 1st three ranks (may be in GS and Costume box) to attract more players participation and one good prize for overall "Event Master" (from all events combine ranking) of the month. It encourage more players participation in events. Give this prize as account base as many times players use different character online from that account 5) Need Endless Tower information more (eg. expected drops from different levels, MVP information at different levels, etc.), currently only mouth to mouth by players. For new players create information 1) Initial guilde "How to play" with basic command information. 2) Character building information with equipment can use. 3) Maps for leveling up. 4) Current major Guild names with their Guild leader names for joining 5) Woe information (how to join) with wining benefits ( such as WOE points, guild salary, PC, ET, SB, etc.)
  18. Now today 24-11-2020, I started playing after al,pst 4 year gap and join back guild last week. I played almost all woe, I got set - sliver helios set and 15th generation weapon from guild other from starter pack. (nightmare armor, Guardian boots, nightmare shield, nightmare manteau, cathedral seal(2)). is this from box ? or different item ? Is this promotion still ON? If yes, how can I get promotion box ?
  19. Been trying to look in forums but cant really find solution. im able to login to forums and main page and reset my passwords but when i log in-game, it tells me my password is incorrect. anyone can guide me to a solution? thanks in advance !
  20. Guild packages are available!
  21. hello guys. hahaha. nostalgic. i miss xilero i going to check if my equipment still here. player since 2009 lol
  22. wassup, what goin on with xilero server. just want to ask if old account still safe? i just downloaded again and hopefully i will play again. i miss xilero so much....
  23. This is the Guide of our "Main" quest during Halloween season! The quest is a continuation of the "Into Muspelheim" Quest. Click on the Blue Void at the middle of Prontera. Select Beginning [Dimensional Area] Talk to fallen Heffeydd When dielogue ends, you have 5 seconds to escape the map (gonna increase to 10 as this timing is nearlyimpossible for mobile players to achieve). run to the upper-left way, and click on the portal. Talk to Unknown Guy, you'll be warped to a hideout. After dialogue, you'll be warped to Muspelheim main area again There is a new portal at Northeast of the map At the next field, keep going right, cross the bridge and look for the portal at east, here you'll have some huntings to do before getting to the next area. After you unlock this portal, you'll get to a huge map, head to the town to the north and look for Diwata. This NPC has no fix location as it walks, but most of the time you should find it near this fountain. Talk to this NPC 10 times until the dialogue changes If you select the wrong option, you have to talk to this npc 10 times again. Select "What are you doing?" On next option, select yes. Now you gotta find 10 missing runes around this map. 1. Upper Right of the town 2. In the middle of the field 3. Next to cemetery [took screenshot in this angle for better reference] 4. In the cemetery, behind grave 5. Near Lake 6. Below this straw roof [upper lake] 7. Upper left of the map 8. Upper area 9. Next to this church 10. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere again, just like the second rune Return to Diwata and give the Runes After dialogue, go to northeast of the map and look for Himel Talk to her and after dialogue, go left, go to the portal just on the left side of these trees Select the option Breakthrough, then return to Himel Talk to Himel one time, she will tell you where you can find the key, after you talk to her, talk to her again so you'll be warped to the portal Enter the portal to get in the next area. This place has no monsters to kill, you gotta find the remains of the warrior who took the key before he died There are couples of warrior remains around the map so you'll have to check one by one. (The true one change its location every 5 minutes) This city is surrounded by Ghostrings, but those aren't the same you see in Sunken ship, prontera maze or payon field. They move faster and in random patterns, you must walk at least 2 cells away from them or you'll die instantly. If you're stopped when the ghostrings passed near to you, you won't be affected. When you find the key, you'll be warped back to Spooky town, look for the portal that leads to that forest Now you should be able to open the gate. Now you're in the undergrounds dungeon, head to middle and click on the altar Here's another hunting task you should do All the monsters spawns on this area. When you complete it, head back to the altar, Now you're in a small map, all you have to do here is to kill Nightmare Golem After you kill it, you'll be teleported to a small area where the Muspel Orb is. Here you got a small puzzle to solve These skretches forms a wing if you place them correctly. I won't tell the correct combinations I know you can do it! After you finish this puzzle and get the orb, your character will be taken back to that altar, now all you have to do is to head back to Himel. Before you'll be taken back out of Muspelheim, Himel will ask you one last favor She will ask you for a fight, to test out the power of the Orb Accept the request and you'll be taken to the final map turn off /sound before fighting to Himel, to avoid any possible error Defeat Himel and receive your reward. Rewards: One of the latest Halloween seasonal costume: click here for costumes list you may obtain 4 Halloween Tokens: If you save enough, you can convert them into aegis parts, shadow helios parts and shadow-undead element. If you complete this quest 150 times, your venom aura [reward from a side halloween quest] will be turned like this, and when combined with venom aegis crown + shadow venom aura, you get an addicitonal of 40str, 40dex, 30int.
  24. This is the list of costumes you can earn by completing the seasonal quest "The Ghost of Nemesis" from the Void NPC in the middle of Prontera. The ones marked in red are harder to obtain, they're at a rate of 25%. ========================= Arrow Panel Aura Blood Swamp Shadow Flame Aura Blue FireBall Boo Balloon Bone Armor Frog Hood Japanese Hair Magic Heir Reaper Aura Devil Scythe Aura Ciecle Leaf Aura Dark Illusion Mask Dark Spell Ring Darkness Spirit Autumn Leaves King Baphomet Mask Executioner Sword Gates of Netherworld Hitodama Aura Demonic Spirit Devil Blade Netherworld Nymph Devil Slayer Cape Duke Cape Lamp in mouth Mysteltainn Sword Demonic Ruby Wings Psychic Chess Ring Shadow Nevermore Sinister Horns Tobi Mask 1 Tobi Mask 2 Triple Evil Bats Twin Samurai Sword Vassalage Necklace Vulture Wings Witch Manteau ========================= Upgraded Venom Wings - It changes the appearence of Venom wings if you complete the quest "Ghost of Nemesis" 150 times. Additional bonus when equipped with venom aegis crown + Shadow Venom Wings: Str+ 40, Dex +40, Int+ 30 Upgraded Shadow Element's Aura - It changes the appearence if you complete the quest "Into Helheim" 150 times. No additional bonus status.
  25. All the costumes below are available at cmd_fild02 122 83 and it costs Summer Tokens + Summer Shells You can see how to obtain them by clicking here! [The quest is seasonal, which means it'll end by the begin of the fall season] Articuno - Aura of Sharks - Azumaril - Back Archor - Blue Smoke Aura - - Loose Kniting Low Twig - Lovely Ribbon Hair - - Mike Stand - - Furious Earth Aura When Equipped with Juggernault Mask: Str+ 35 Dex+ 35 Luk+ 35 Earth Resistance +5 Water Resistance -3 Near and long Damage Def +3 Demi Human Resistance +2% Earth Spike Level 5 Elemental Change (Earth) Level 1 - Spiral Bubbles - Doraemon - Dancing Butterfly - Drop Angel Aura - True Captain Pirate Cape - Firewolf God Helm - Globe Aquamarine Chakra - Eletrostatic Aura - Juggernault Mask When Equipped with furious Earth Aura: Str+ 35 Dex+ 35 Luk+ 35 Earth Resistance +5 Water Resistance -3 Near and long Damage Def +3 Demi Human Resistance +2% Earth Spike Level 5 Elemental Change (Earth) Level 1 - Water Dragon Aura - Glare Assaulter (mid-costume) Str+ 40 Agi+ 35 Luk+ 35 Water Resistance +5 Water Ball lv 5 Fire resistance -3 Demi Human Resistance +2% Ignore Demi Human Defense +2% - Sun Blazer Aura - Water Blade - Water Saber Aura - Strawberry Hood - Wall - Humidity Wings - Ribbon Summer Hat - Drops Muffler - Elegant Wave - Cor Core Headset - Frantic Looking - Sparkle Stick
  26. [Pac Man Event] Start the event at prontera 148 174 and talk to Boing. Select "Go to event" Join the waiting room, if someone's already playing, wait until your turn. Once your turn begins, you'll be disguised as a poring and taken to an area with jellopies (aka crystal eggs) and the chasing ghosts. If you've played pac man before, the mini game has the same mechanic. You have to "eat" the "jellopies" and avoid being caught by the chasing Ghosts. To eat them, you just need to pass through them. They'll start chasing you once you're a little close to them. The only way you can "eat" the ghosts, is by getting the jellopie which has a different color from the others (At the 3 arenas, the jellopies color may change) with that, you turn into a deviling and become immune for 17 seconds, in the meantime, the ghosts will run away from you and you'll be able to eat them! Objetive: Eat all the jellopies of the map to go to next stage, at each stage you get a different quantity of Summer Tokens (it's not neccessary to eat all the ghosts to pass the stage) AREA 1: 1x Summer Token for eating all the jellopies - AREA 2: 3x Summer Tokens for eating all the jellopies - Area 3: 4x Summer Tokens for eating all the jellopies The 3 maps has the same difficult level. The event has afk check, so if you stay in the same spot for a while, you'll get automatically warped out of the event. - With Summer Shells + Summer Tokens, you can obtain our newest rewards! Click here to see the list of rewards. ~ Extra Reward for Playing the event ~ You get rank points by playing this event, and with that, you get a chance to win extra rewards! The 3 first winners will be declaired on October 5, 20:00 You can check your rank position at event's waiting room, by talking to jelloping. rewards: 1st winner: 1 +10 Newer Aegis Set [Crown-Wings-Aura] 2nd winner: 1 Rare costume from summer seasonal period 3rd winner: 1 +10 Older Aegis Set [Crown-Wings-Aura]
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