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  3. -------------- Set, weapons & Gears ---------------- Older Aegis Set (Helm, Aura and Wings - the ones in right side of the photo) = 20$ Newer Aegis Set (Helm, Aura and Wings - Current Strongest Set) = 30$ Aegis Shield = 15$ Aegis Manteau = 10$ Aegis Ring = 7$ (10$ if 2 cards of your choice are included) Aegis Vest = 10$ Aegis Boot = 15$ Elemental Ring = 30$ 15th Anniv. Weapon = 8$ Aegis Weapon = 3$ (5$ if Aegis Bow) Costume Sets (Reiwa or Shadow Helios - +35 Str-Dex-Int +2% demi human defense) = 30$ Guardian Angel (Grants over 20 buffs - unlimited) = 10$ Breath of Angel (Grants buff based on your class type - inlimited - str - dex - int) = 5$ Angel of Blessing (3rd job item switch - unlimited) = 5$ Goddess of Blessing (2nd job item switch - unlimited) = 5$ -------------- Scarlet Cards ---------------- 4 Weapon + 8 Set Scarlet Cards of a build of your choice = 10$ Gaster Card (+ 250 Agi For Dancer+ Class, enhances slow grace) = 10$ each -------------- [Limited time sale] ---------------- Full Aegis Package Includes: 1 Aegis Set of your choice 1 pc of all gears 1 Anniv. Weapon of your choice 1 Costume Set (Shadow helios or reiwa) 1 Element Ring of your choice 1 Guardian Angel 1 Goddess of Blessing 1 Angel of Blessing Cards [details on pics below] Price: 90$ 120$ if you wish to add 1 extra aegis set + 1 Element Ring + 1 Aegis Ring + 1 Anniv. Weapon + scarlet/gold cards for these extra gears 150$ if you wish to add 2 extra aegis set + 2 element Rings + 2 Aegis Rings + 2 Anniv. Weapons + scarlet/gold cards for these extra gears Newer Aegis comes with a command called @aecolor to switch color. Available transferences method: - Western Union - Paypal If you're interested in any of these items, please contact me through facebook.
  4. XileRO PK Full Installer V14 - Updated May 20 2020 - Media Fire - Download Download & install the full client, run the patcher and play! If you've facing any issue with thic client, please send a message to me.
  5. [Updated as of Jun. 25] Hello everyone! As many of you know, our android version hasn't been working for a long time. So I'm bringing this temporary workaround that will make your xilero works 100% on your Android device! Just follow the steps below! This install method is temporary. Later on I'll be launching all the xilero files built in the apk Pros: - You can play XileRO anywhere as long as you have internet on your phone (no shit, sherlock) - Client already comes pre-updated and ready to play - 100% working on all maps - all the upside down costumes/mobs from the past android versions were fixed. - fast login & loading screens (if you have a stable connection) - Easy to update the apk manually if needed, which means, this apk won't be 'dead' again Cons: - Size - you'll need at least 2,5 gbs of free space in your device - Doesn't work on ios (There is Android emulators for ios, which would make possible to play, but I haven't made searches about it) - Android version doesn't show effects, except for ground effects, which will displays as some shadows on the ground - / commands doesn't work, such as /sit, /doridori, /showname, /set1, etc. Todo's: Lite version & super lite versions [should be released this week] Fix of 2 costumes that shows as earth elemental aura [blank eyes and violet aegis wings for female] Better and easier installers. Again, current is just a temporary workaround!! ========================================================= 1. Download these 2 files below: File 1 (XileRO packed Folder) File 2 (APK) 2. Install the APK in your phone. Extract the XileRO packed Folder using WinRAR on your computer, connect your phone to your computer and move the XileRO folder to your phone's Storage. If you don't have a computer for this proccedment, download the xilero folder with your phone > download RAR > open the RAR > select XileRO.rar file and click in unpack button (the unpack option it's a icon of a book and an arrow) 3. Open AndRO, select Start Game > Download > go to the folder where your XileRO folder is stored. [If your xilero folder is not there, select sd instead of download and navigate to the directory where your xilero folder is saved]. 4. A message will pop-up saying Game Client Found, select Yes and log to your account! Note: If you get "Access denied" error when you try to select some options, you must add storage permissions of your Andro apk. Usually you find this option under Settings > permissions > app permissions > storage. Tip: If you want to get straight to character's selection screen of your account when you open the apk, do this: open the APK, select Settings, on client option, press change, select external storage and put the directory of your xilero folder. For example, if you put the folder inside 'download' folder, write download/xilero. If you didn't put in any sub directory, just write xilero in the box, and you should get this message. When you get in the login screen, mark the save boxes for username and password. So when you open your apk again, it'll take you straight to the character selection screen ~ ========================================================= If you have any question or need help installing the apk on your phone, send a message to the administrator/moderators of the XileRO's Official Group
  6. List of costumes you can get from this Quest: Agnis Aura Demon'sSword Moon stars Cupid Scarf Relic Aura Scarf of the hero Brown Bear Big Bang Aura Lava Demon Wings Lava Demon Helm Lava Demon Sword Crown of Thunder Gumiho Tail Invulnerable Aura Yellow Fox Tail Inferno Aura Hanano's Jutsu Blue Wind Slash Dark Knight Cloak Blue Saber Astral Archieve of the Universe Beast Spirit Gold Metal Shield Angel Character Blazing Ring Golden Shields Blue Fallen Angel Wings Fallen Warlord Axes Blazing Phoenix Firewolf Aura Evolved Fire Wolf Aura (You must have Firewolf Aura and finish the quest 100 times to make it look like this) Disco costume You may also get one piece of the "Aquiles set" (Costume set, 0 status)
  7. 1. Start the quest at the black portal (near middle of prontera) 2. Talk to Ultimate Shadow Dragon, after dialogue, go south and head to myscenia. 2-1. Look for Meckiel at Myscenia 3. Head to yuno_fild03 37 140 or just talk to the quest warper npc and select "Yuno field" 4. Enter in the portal, and when you get warped back, talk to Wanderer. 5. Now head to ra_fild01 234 327, or use the quest warper and select Ice Dungeon 6. Talk to Ice Nymph 7. At Ice dungeon, you'll have 3 differents challenges 7-1 (ice_dun01): Find the Ice Nymph 3 Times at ice_dun01 7-2 (ice_dun02): Collect 20 Ice Branches from Ice titans (12,50% drop rate) When you get the items ready, go to the middle of map and give the items to Ice nymph. Use @aloot item 8081 7-3 (ice_dun03) This is the most challenging game from Ice Nymph, here you'll have to find and destroy 10 Ice crystals in 1 minute. The crystals are all spread around the map! Once you complete this, you'll be warped to the final stage, where you'll receive the Ice Blessing 7-4 (ice_dun04) Talk to the Ice nymph again and receive your Ice Blessing. 8. Head back to yuno_fild03 37 140 or by talking to the quest warper npc, under the option "Yuno field". Enter the portal again 9. Head to the portal in northeast of the map, talk to Lava golem 10. Collect 200 Lavas (@aloot item 7096) from the monsters around this map After you give the items, the portal will be unlocked. 10-1. When you reach the second dungeon level, look for Agni, talk to him and you'll be warped near to Muspelheim. 11. In this map, you must be careful with the fire spots (must turn your effects on to see them) If you get too close of it, you'll die! In this map you'll have to find 4 crystals in order to pass to the next map, you'll have to pay a lot of attention to the map and find it Each crystal appears randomly in 1 out of 2 different spots of the map And it shows as "crack" npcs View the Crystal spawn points here Once you get the 4 crystals, head to portal at north and place the crystals you got in the correct spots. 12. At the next map, you'll have to kill the following monsters in order to pass. 1x Pyron 300x Fire Bombs 300x Fossil Soldier 200x Bloody Hand 200x Flame Moth All these monsters are in the current map. 13. At the next stage, look for the Ultimate Fire Dragon "Wyvern" After the dialog begins, you'll be warped to the arena, you must defeat it, be careful with the meteors and fire spots! (effects must be on to see them) 14. After defeating Wyvern, head north and enter in the portal 15. Here you'll have to pass through 2 maps before reaching an area where you'll see a camp. Don't get too close to the camp's entrance or the guards will kill your character! Go to the right side of the map, and look for "Unknown Man". 16. After dialog, you'll have to hunt for some itens in order to get a disguise potion Ingredients: 1x Dark Matter Drops from Logi ( mus_fild02 ) 500x Magic Moss Drops from Anemone ( muspelheim ) 450x Magic Dust Drops from Muspelheim's eira ( mus_fild01 ) 300x Burning Heart Drops from Blazing Poring ( mus_fild02 ) (Yes, it does looks exactly as Fire Bomb monster, the only difference is the drops and skills) 17. After you get the ingredients, return to Unknown man at muspelheim, give him the items and you'll be disguised. Now go to the Camp, and look for the guard who have stolen the Green sack from Unknown Man. 18. At this part of the quest, you'll be caught by the guards and thrown in a chaotic arena full of monters! 19. Here you must keep yourself alive until you get rescued. Again, you must be careful with the fire and meteor spots, if you step on it, your character dies instantly. 20. After being rescued, you'll be taken to a small floor surrounded by lava, talk to Unknown man again and get warped to the Boss gate. 21. Enter the Portal and defeat the Boss [Heffeyd] Rewards: • One of the costumes in the post below. • +1 Point to Fire Wolf Aura [If you get 100 points, your Wolf fire aura will get a great appearence!] • +1 Seasonal Quest Point, if you collect enough points to be in Top 3 rank, you'll be getting great rewards according to your rank position at the deadline day! You may also get: Aegis Gears [No set included] Reiwa Set Pieces Guardian Angel Rental Aegis Set x2 20000 GS
  8. Join our Official facebook group! (recently made)

  9. Hello there! Although forums seems dead, the game is still alive and active! Specially during woe. People use mostly facebook group instead, including the XileRO staff. [Screenies of past woes)
  10. Yes!! I remember you how have you been??
  11. Hey, not sure if you remember me but I think I remember you! I ususally went by the ign of HolyHennet
  12. is the server still active?
  13. Hey everyone, calling all oldies to XILERO. Wanted to see if anyone was still playing from back then, if so what was your name? I went by a few aliases, Kurenai was mostly who I played with. But let me know! I was in Death Squad, Waters Gate, Powered by Rice. Good times! Hope everything is staying safe and healthy during this time.
  14. Mampir sebentar ya gan heuheuehue
  15. Just passing ~

    1. MrThug


      Nice to see you here bro! just passing too

  16. Hi guys, So im planning to return back to the game but i cant seem to remember my password. I tried to do forgot password but the link is broken. Any tips on how i can get my account back? Thanks!
  17. For any in game support, contact me through facebook:

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  19. Hoping all is well with you! I get such crazy nostalgia every time I breeze over these forums. 

    1. Naenia


      omfg, long time no seee! You should come in game, I'd love to meet ya there

    2. Reptar


      If you end up hopping on today there’s a chance I might be there! Lol I can’t lie and say I don’t crave the gameplay at times, I played this thang for like 12 years haha

  20. Damn, how did i find my way back here. I'm a little sad now, great times.
  21. Hi does anyone remembers me? If you do can you DM/PM me. I think ill play xilero again. PS: If you remember me, Hook me up plox. Thanks~
  22. Hi, I'm a returning player, playing since LKH with golden head gear with evil wing ears are hype, from there you'll know how old I am playing with this server. where Alpha Omega wings are worth 20vb up. yeah VBs are the greatest currency during that time, so there. IGN: Baifeng
  23. Hi there, my character is stucked but I dont know where exactly. It looks like Prontera IGN: ~TeleTubbies
  24. 1. Remove Manhole from WoE -This skill has no counter play and makes WoE very boring and not engaging. WoE should be full of fun and excitement, but 20 Shadow Chasers spamming manhole is not fun for attackers, or defenders. 2. Reduce the effect time of Manhole -If Manhole is not removed, please reduce the amount of time people are trapped by it. I would suggest half the current time. 3. Increase Hallowtick availability -I have been playing for hours every day since the release of the hallowticks, and I have only managed to collect 51. The only way to collect these in any reasonable number is to have an Aegis set with Nocturn set in order to complete the Halloween quests. -The treasure box/event mob that is spawned in a random town every 30 minutes should drop 5 Hallowticks instead of 1. - The scheduled events such as dice event..etc should all drop 10 hallowticks
  25. Is it possible to nerf the MVP on these quests? The only players that can kill them are players with Nocturne set. Even an aegis account can't harm the MVP.
  26. Does the sword have Demi Human Damage?
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