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  2. 1. Start the quest at the blue void, select beginning and when you're in the next map, talk to Quve. 2. After some dialogue, you'll be warped to hallow field, here you have to do a small monster hunting. 3. After the hunting, you'll be sent back to prontera, now you have to find the 3 spirits to grant you the baptism of souls to access helheim Sanka - prontera 224 67 Raddha - prontera 145 298 Ling - prontera 202 295 You have to beat them in their game Ling - Song event (/sound must be ON) You must reproduce the song produced by the ghostrings by clicking on them in the right sequence, each one has a unique sound. You must beat 6 rounds of this to win the first baptism Raddha - Memory Master You have to match the emojis produced by the bats, when you do t correctly, the pair of bats disappears, you have 15 attempts on this one. You need to match at least 6 pairs to win Sanka - Simon Says (/effect must be on) You'll be taken to the middle of a circle surrounded by porings, for each round a random poring will display an winged-heart emoji, and you must do the sequence created by the porings by clicking on them. Each round correspond to the number of times that a random poring will display the signal for you to repeat it. Number of Rounds: 6 When you beat them in the mini game, head back to the beggining of the quest and talk to quve again You'll be taken to the entrance of Helheim, now click on the portal and you're in. You'll spawn near a purple lake, from here head south until you see the witch statue, talk to the soul (yord) in front of it You'll get some clues from it, now head east to the portal. Now you're in the first field of Helheim, here you'll have to do smoe huntings in order to procceed to the next field. Hunting list: 1x Undead Magician 350x Void Mimic 350x Plaga 350x Dead Soul Once you done hunting, go to the second field (east portal), here you have another hunting to do: 1x Caput 350x Dark Raydrich 350x Dsguiser 350x Dark Raydrich Archer On the 3rd field, look for BlueMoon's Loli Ruri at north Talk to it and you'll be warped to an arena, which you'll have to defeat it. There are a lot of meteors spawning in random spots here, if you get hit you lost 1/3 of your HP, so be careful! After you defeat it, you'll be taken to a darkish map, talk to loli ruri again and head to the portals here each square has only 2 portals, one to procceed and other to return, so don't worry about getting lost here. Loli ruri mentions about 5 key pieces that you'll have to find in the map, you can find them in some holes in the ground. They aren't hard to spot but you need to pay some attention to see find them, the map has a long way from the begining to the portal. Be careful with the bomb porings too! keys location 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 After you get the 5 key pieces and get to the portal at the end of the map you'll be warped to the dark domain, head north and find this gate, click on the fence Go left-up, look for the lava river, near it you'll see 'Master Lude' Talk to it and it'll ask you to collect 200 essenses from mote. Kill 200 motes in the map. Head back to Lude, you'll be disguised as one Mote, now go to the fence and you'll be able to pass through. Now just walk to the other side of the room and you'll be in the final boss arena. Defeat Himel and get your reward! Rewards: You might get one of the Halloween costumes 5000x Gold Seals 1x Autumn season Point Some of the costumes you may earn from this quest has status once 3 pieces are equipped together, as it follows: Dawn's Visage Set Str ↑80 Vit ↑60 Agi ↑80 Dex ↑160 Shadow & Poison Resistane ↑4 Damage Piercing ↑7 Long & Near def. attacks ↑4 Demi Human Resistance ↑2 Bloody Ghostring Set Str ↑80 Vit ↑60 Agi ↑80 Dex ↑160 Shadow & Poison Resistane ↑4 Damage Piercing ↑7 Long & Near def. attacks ↑4 Demi Human Resistance ↑2 Underworld Lord Set Str ↑140 Dex ↑80 Agi ↑80 Damage Piercing ↑5% Long & Near def. attacks ↑2 Demi Human Resistance ↑2 Demon Set Str ↑140 Dex ↑80 Agi ↑80 Damage Piercing ↑5% Long & Near def. attacks ↑2 Demi Human Resistance ↑2
  3. hi kakura

  4. • Autumn season quest starts! - New quest - Top 3 Season Player - 25 new costumes Quest guide & Reward list • All Dragon arenas are now open permanently. Location: prontera 165 176 • Mega Treasure Boxes upgraded - New Rewards: 500x Gold Seals, 50x Rank Shield Points, 50x Emp Breaker Points, 2 Lucky Spin Tickets, 1 Costume Box IV and 10 War Medals. - Prizes for secondary castles [Swan and Fad] are the same items but in half amount due to less competitity. • Guild leader's Treasure Box upgraded - Added rare card album, Costume Boxes IV, Costume Box V, Aegis Sets, Blueflame Baphomet Horns/Ice lemiere Aura/Ice Diamond Wings, Moonlight Bastet and Blue cards for sets [Some drops parts will vary accordingly to the castle] • Fixed Castle Drops from Andlangr castle [WoE 2.0] • Friday and Saturday's War of Emperium at Bright Arbor and Scarlet Palace now takes place at Yesnelp [Geffen] and Hohen [Aldebaran] respectively. • Elemental accessories in awakened mode had its status tweaked for a better versatility - status updated in item's description. • War Medal Exchanger at prtbar 34 39 • New command added, @nopub - turn on/off players chat room. • Autumn Season themes maps applied in some maps [prontera, izlude, prt_gld] • 2 New costume Orbs types added Agi - Agi +10 Vit - Vit +10 • 2 New Agi cards added [Accessory and Set] Dry Rafflesia [Set] Twin Caput [Accessory] • Some blue cards are now available at the Hunter Badge Shop [ra_temsky 69 102] • Autumn season costumes and agi cards added into Costume Box V and Rare card Album.
  5. Hey naenia i can't start the game , i followed your instructions but iam still geting error messages and ;(.


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      Hey! Sorry for delay, contact me through fb, I'll help you to get it working:

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      Nah i don't trust facebook its not safe :(.

  6. Autumn Season Quest 1. Start the quest at prontera 161 180 - Talk to Alfie and look for Honey Mushrooms around prontera. When you find them, talk to Leon again. 2. Go to alexandria (or @go 41), head south and talk to the guard. - Look for the 3 bandits hidden in the town, they're disguised as npcs/mobs! Once you click on them, you'll get a suspicious flag, keep clicking on it until it turns into its true form, then defeat it! One is at the house, other is at the roofs, and other is at the right side of the town. 3. After you locate and defeat them, head to alexandria's south entrance again and talk to the guard, the portal will be unlocked. 4. Head southwest, look for a boat, and talk to the npc captain near to it. - After the dialogue, head to Alexandria's cave, to the northeast of the map. 5. Your first task here is to look for the taming item dropped by the last hunter who ventured into this place to capture the monster aquila. You'll find it next to its skeleton. (Map isn't big, keep checking all the skeletons you find there!) - Once you find it, use it to capture 10 Aquilas. - Head Back to the Captain and deliver the captured pets and the taming item. 6. Now you're at Vanaheim field, on this and on the following field, you have to kill determined monsters in order to unlock the portal to Vanaheim. Portals are located to the north of the map. Hunt List: [1st area] 350x Dry Rafflesia 300x Grand Vadon 250x Yellow Pitaya 1x Spica [MvP] [2nd Area] 350x Hell Tree 300x War nut 2x Weretiger [MvP] 7. Once you reach Vanaheim, climb the city and look for Alfie again. After the dialogue, look for Van, he's near the entrance of the map. - Talk to Van - You'll have to help him finding the Foxring in Vanaheim that looted his weapon. After you find it, head back to Van. 8. Now you're in the trail to melodia, monsters here are very ambiguous, be careful with them and the Bomb Porings that emanates a purple aura! if you get close to them, it'll nuke and take you away with it. - All you have to do in this map is to reach the other side and avoid the monster. 9. Now you're at melodia, talk to Van. - Now find a survivor, after the dialogue, talk to Van again. - Now you have to absorve 10 Energy essences that have been left around melodia, once you complete it, head to the big tree at the middle of the map and click on the black aura. 10. Defeat the MvP to receive your reward! Be careful with the meteors on the arena! Rewards: You might get one of the following items: 1x pc Enhance Orb (Str, dex, Int, Vit or Agi) 1x pc Costume Set Parts ( Dark Chaser, Zephyrus, Sylph ) 1x pc Newer costume from Autumn season 1x Blue card for gears/Accessories including the new agi cards + 1 Point For Top 3 Season rank
  7. old times were so nice man D:
  8. wow old SS from MAIN server i just remember char name Vinor dameee suck player kwkwkwkw and poring master always AFK kkkkkkkkkkkkk
  9. Was able to recover an old hard drive, so why don't we take a look together... (when hanging out in south prontera was THE PLACE TO BE) throwback to the OG pvp room im sure many of us have screenshots from this day (lets not talk about that file path) Epic Nubs hangout spot (exposed 14 yrs later) DS throwback (cant remember what we were farming but it was some sort of MVP I have a ton more but if anyone else has as well feel free to share. also if you see yourself say hello
  10. Nice to see i'm not the only one that walks down memory lane every once n awhile
  11. dear dairy miss u guys
  12. The raids and server wars were always fun, I was always with Pancho and DeathSquad
  13. Damn those were the days.....
  14. Shade/Manbot here. Damn, this is a blast from the past for my late teens, early twenties. Wonder if anyone from the PK server still checks this. I don't think I can remember most people past some forum goers like Nairb, Peachykeen, Fran, Pako and people on PK. Hope everyone is doing well in life and happy. Edit: Crying of laughter at how edgy my profile pic is. It would be so funny to talk to my younger self.
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  16. Nostalgic as it is
  17. Add me on Discord Oso#7267

  18. Just another old man droppin by
  19. dear diary Semua pada pensi , dan saya masih on sampai karatan zzzzzzzz
  20. Game Bermagnetttttttttttttttttttttttt Sarlito Nur AliDieWithSmile
  21. Spring Season Quest 1.Talk to Lugen at prontera 159 184 2.Look for 4 hunters to hire for Lugen's request, 2 of them spawns in random spots around prontera, the other 2 are inside these houses: prontera 205 157 / prontera 136 219 Note: If the hunters search progress is incomplete and you logout during this part, you'll have to re-do it again. 3. Talk to Lugen again and you'll be teleported. Talk to Lugen again to receive the next mission, collect 10 swamp flowers and kill some monsters. Note: If the swamp plant collect progress is incomplete and you logout during this part, you'll have to re-do it again. 300x Cobra Flower 2x Glass Mutant 250x Alnoldi 100x Sapling After you complete hunting/collecting them, head to downright portal. 4. On the second swamp area, head up-right, you'll find the wootan's tribe. Enter without getting too close to the wootans or you'll be captured. Defeat Wootan Defender and enter in the portal. Now head up to the statue, talk to Lugen and then talk to the white light infront of the statue, Mutant croc will spawn, kill it to go to the next area. 5. On the 3rd swamp area, talk to Lugen again, now you have to collect the elves fire from some areas of the map and bring it to a torch which is located near a giant crystal (south) Lugen tells you the torch location corresponding to the elves fire you collected. You have around 37 seconds to pick them and bring to the torches before it extinguish. When you finish this part, click on the rising lights infront of the crystal. Avoid the Marsh gas! Note: If the elves flamecollect progress is incomplete and you logout during this part, you'll have to re-do it again. 6. Now you're at geffenia, talk to lugen again, head right, talk to the fairy guard, accept his help request, and hunt for 4 winges crystal monsters around the map. When you pick them up, go back to the fairy guard and talk to him, you'll be teleported to yggdrasil village. 7. Head left to the castle, on the entrance you'll see those winged crystals again, you'll notice that they have an unique sound when you click on them, now click on them in the right order to get teleported to the castle. sequence colors: Green > White > Red > Gold > Green > Red > Yellow > White > Green > gold 8. Talk to the Empress, you'll be teleported to a new area, walk south to the portal. On this area, be careful not to get close to the devilings, or you'll be warped back to the spawn point, pass through them. Walk to the botton-left part of the map, find a statue, and click on it, now head right until you see a ruined building, go to the middle and click on the rising lights coming from the hole. Throw the badge, walk right and click on the portal. 9. Walk left to the portal, then go down to the building, click on the portal. Defeat Wooden Warrior. 10. Now you're in a new area, the portal is located to the left, to unlock it you'll have to defeat some monsters 300x Eira 2x Shiny Bacsojin 200x Green Applering 149x Simbatta 11. On the second area, you'll see a castle, but before ehading there, defeat some monsters to unlock the portal: 200x Wooden Fairy 200x HellTree 200x Creeper 3x Unfrost Flower When you finish it, head to the castle entrance. 12. Now you're in a dark area, head right to the stairs (ignore the mutant for now) Then walk down-right to this area: Select the options - Yes, I am - I want to become one of you. Now explore the map and find 16 Shadow Orbs. Note: If the shadow orb collect progress is incomplete and you logout during this part, you'll have to re-do it again. When you're done, head to the mutant near the entrance. 13. On the enxt area, climb the stairs, when you reach this area, click on the dark rising lights 50x and 50x on the white rising lights, if you click more times than that, click on the red rising lights to reset the energy amount. Now procceed to the Boss portal. First Defeat "Death" and by last, defeat Beteuguese. Rewards: +1 Season Player rank (check npc at prontera 150 185) You might get one of the following: 1x 17th weapon (sword, katar, scepter, lance, book, bow) 1x costume from the latest release 1 status costume part ( Moonlight Bastet - Awakened King crown / Sword, Ice Energy Aura / Diamond Ice Wings)
  22. Oh the memories...
  23. Troubleshooting Q: Website is down or registering through it is not working, how can I create my account? A: We do have a direct account creation method: 1 : Login to XileRO Game 2 : Register with - username_M - for Male Account 3 : Register with - username_F - for Female Account E.g: Naenia_F 4 : Login Again and Remove the _M or _F from Account Note: _F / _M not required in password box. Q: Why are my graphics all pixelated, blurry, or show black pixels around certain spots? A: That's an issue with Nvidia driver. It does not support old directX properly, at the moment the only way to fix it, is by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. Q: My game opens in a very small window A: You must set both your XileRO!.exe, XileRO.exe and setup.exe in compatibility mode. - To set the compatibility mode, right click on the file, select properties and select compatibility tab. - Mark the compatibility box on and select it to windows 7 or windows xp sp3 - hit apply then ok. if the problem persists, check if your folder contains the files opensetup.exe, setup_patched.exe and delete them. Q: My configuration changes are being reseted to default when I relog. A: To fix this issue, you must run XileRO!.exe as administator. Q: My XileRO!.exe is not launching at all A: If you are using the full installer from the website, delete it and redownload it from this page. If the problem persists, you might want to try one these solutions: 1: set XileRO.exe / XileRO!.exe / Setup.exe in compatibility mode with windows 7 or windows xp sp3 (delete opensetup.exe and setup_pathed.exe in case you have it in your xilero folder) 2: Move your xilero folder outside Program files folder 3: Add your XileRO!.exe in exception list in your antivirus / windows defender / firewall. If the problem persists, contact me through facebook and I'll help you fixing it through teamviewer or Anydesk. ( Q: I came back after a long break and my username shows as unregistered, what should I do now? A: Accounts with 6 years or more of inactivity are susceptible to be removed from our database, in this case there is nothing we can do about it. Q: I forgot my security code or password, how can I recovery them? A: Contact me through facebook or one of the Game Masters The required info to recovery your security code is your account's email. If you don't remember it we'll help you with some hints to make you remember. If you need only password recovery, your account's security code and email will be required before procceeding. Q: How can I contact the staff? A: Staff contact list
  24. yang indo sudah ngak main ya
  25. Merry Christmas everyone!! Android Version updated Xmas Season Quest Guide & Rewards Xmas Daily Quest & Rewards New donation items available Mini Game (Card Game): prontera 151 181 Mini Game's Prizes: Felock Card Evil Hunter Card Dragon Zilant Card Black Light Up Santa Hat Green Light Up Santa Hat Yellow Light Up Santa Hat 16th Anniv. Shuriken 16th Anniv. Spear 16th Anniv. Katar 16th Anniv. Book Nydhogg Card Merman's Fantasy Accessory Misc Quests: Prontera 143 171 prontera 136 162 prontera 161 158 prontera 160 153 prontera 226 305 prontera 156 278 Top 3 Seaon Players: By completing the main season quest, you earn 1 season point, if you maintain to reach the top 3 and hold your position until the deadline on January 17, you'll be rewarded with great rewards! Check npc at prontera 143 183 for details about rewards and rules! Aegis Gears are now tradeable. Dragon's temple is open again! at this season you can upgrade Fire and Holy Elements! Location: prontera 163 171 Elemental Accessories description has been upgraded, it now shows the extra status obtained upon enhancing the element. By defeating the dragons you now earn "Dragon Gems" You can use them to enhance your element once you collect enough of them, an exchanger npc has been added up at map's room.
  26. Xmas Season Quest 1. Start by talking to the Soldier at prontera 158 177 2. After you talk to him, you'll be taken to Lutie (gloomy scenario), Talk to Soldier again 3. Now go to the center of Lutie, in front of the big Christmas Tree and talk to the White Knight 4. Now you need to rescue 34 wounded people around the map and teleport them out of there There's no fix coordination you can find them, not all of them can be rescued too 5. When you reach 34 people rescued, go south and enter in the portal 6. Now talk to Khalitzburg, she'll ask you to help her defeating the monsters Hunting List: 350x Grote 350x Skoll Baby 250x Fira Poring 2x Logi 2x Muspell Skoll 7. After you finish the hunting, go back to Khalitzburg After the dialogue you'll be taken to prontera (gloomy scenario) The white knight is being controlled, you must contain him. 8. After the fight, talk to him again, after the dialogue, you'll have to undo the spells that's being casted by the sorcerers around the map. You have to find 5 of them. You have 70 seconds to do it, before they take the control over him completely Note: North and south path are blocked, you'll have to take east/west path. Locations: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 9. After you do it, you'll be warped back to the white Knight, talk to him again, warp to the castle. After the dialogue you'll be warped to a snowy area. 10. Head Up then left until you find this mage: 11. Talk to him, he'lkl offer help to get you into the Ice Fortress, but first you must tame some monsters to him You'll receive 1x Tamming food (unlimited use) Now you'll have to tame 25 Papila Cae Once you tame it, you'll receive a shard, when you reach 25, go there again and talk to the Mage. 12. Now you're in a new area, to reach the other side of the map you must go through the sky. The Mage will turn you into a Harpy, but it has a limit time of the transformation of 25 seconds to reach the next plataform Be careful with the local Snow Harpies, don't let them get close to you. 13. When you enter in the map, there'll be only 1 portal to procceed, located to the north. There's some more hunting to do here before procceeding to the next area. 250x Ice Knight 250x Ice Raydric 250x ice Raydric Archer 2x Ice Dark Lord 14. After the hunting is done, head to the portal, in the enxt area go north again until you find this portal. 15. Go Up-Left-Up and find some people, talk to the Mage 16. After dialogue, leave this area and head back to the previous area, now to the center of the map and enter in the portal. 17. This area is divided in 3 levels, each one is being protected by "Gigantos" To fight them, you first must drain the energy of the 4 local crystals spreaded somewhere in the map When you find the 4 local crystals go to the Boss and fight them Repeat the same steps in the next 2 areas. 18. On the last area, climb the stairs and talk to Iseria You'll have to fight Iseria 2 times to finish the quest. Rewards: You can earn one of the followings: One of the latest Costumes One of the latest Blue Cards One of the latest Weapon 17th. - 10x Xmas Crystal 2021 (Exchangeable at prontera 148 162) 1x Xmas Stock (Hang at Lutie of Izlude Xmas Tree) 1 Season Quest Point -------------------------------------------------------- Quest Season Pets During the quest you might find some red treasure chests around the maps that drops Monster Shards You can exchange those Shards by Quest Pets at the following quest map: Treasure Chests Location: xmn_fild - Grote Shard icecrown - Crow Shard - Fey Shard ars_fild58 - Fey Shard - Aries Shard ars_fild59 - Iseria Shard - Snow Mage Shard - Grote Shard ars_fild60 - Gigantos Shard - Awakened Iseria Shard - Aries Shard - Fey Shard
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